• Membership

    Membership Benefits

    • Networking opportunities - local and national levels
    • Monthly luncheon programs at reduced member prices
    • Receive Network News monthly newsletter
    • Invitations to CREW-San Antonio member-only events
    • Opportunities for Committee and Board involvement, which expands leadership skills
    • Members have voting rights
    • Members receive the CREW-San Antonio Membership Directory

    Additional Benefits Through CREW Network Affiliation

    • Contacts with commercial real estate professionals in more than 70 metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada
    • Online membership directory with contact information for more than 9,000 members
    • Use of the CREW Network logo on business cards and stationery
    • Access to the members only section of the CREW Network web site, with most current contact information for members and extensive networking tools
    • Members may attend CREW Network training meetings and the Annual Convention at discounted member prices
    • CREW Network members are offered opportunities to attend other meetings and events at discounted prices
    • Long Term Disability Insurance and General Liability Insurance available at a group discount
    • Members may get computer-related training at member discounts

    Membership Levels

    Active Member A member who is integrally and actively participating in a decision-making process of negotiating commercial real estate transactions or providing other services directly related to commercial real estate transactions. Generally, active categories include industries in which 50% of their income is derived from commercial real estate activities, as described in Article V, Section 1 and 2.A of the by-laws.
    Provisional Member A member who fulfills all requirements of an Active Member except that they have only been in the commercial real estate profession for a period of less than two (2) years prior to making application to CREW. Provisional Members in good standing may participate in the affairs and committees of CREW but shall not have the right to chair a committee, vote or hold an office. Upon having been a commercial real estate professional for at least two (2) years, a Provisional Member will be classified as Active Member status.
    Vendor Member A member who does not meet the requirements of Article V, Section 1, Section 2.A, or Section 2.B of the by-laws and are classified as "vendors". Vendors shall be defined as persons who actively market their services to the commercial real estate industry are not directly part of a real estate transaction as described in Article V, Section 1 of the by-laws.

    Annual dues are $280, although applications received after June 30 are pro-rated. See the application form for details.


    For additional information, please contact:


    CREW San Antonio - Membership Committee

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